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Penis Pump – a Device That Keeps the Penis in Perfect Condition

Jul 29, 2020

Penis pumps are not just equipment for achieving a strong erection and enlargement of the penis. Learn why doctors recommend them, how to use them properly, and what techniques are most effective.

Penis Pump – a Device That Keeps the Penis in Perfect Condition

What Is a Vacuum Penis Pump?

It usually consists of a cylinder, a sleeve and a pump. The cylinder and pump together create a vacuum to help penis erect. The penis pump increases not only its length but also the circumference. In addition, it contributes to better penis condition, it is recommended in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and premature ejaculation.

What Are the Benefits of Using Penis Pumps?

Physicians consider the penis pumps as a safe, effective and affordable treatment of the erectile dysfunction. But there are far more advantages:

Penis Pump

Best Techniques for Using Penis Pumps

How to achieve the best possible results? We have three effective techniques for you to use a penis pump to make the results as good as possible, but safe at the same time.

Shaking Motion

Create a vacuum in the cylinder and the forward and backward movements of the pelvis will increase or decrease the vacuum. Continue until you have a firm erection. This technique improves blood circulation and activates nerve endings in the penis.

Pressure Alternation

Change the pressure inside the penis pump, much like the athletes perform during interval training. Alternate vacuum levels. For example, start at -0.1 bar for 30 seconds and then increase the level. Then gradually reduce the vacuum to zero. After 30 seconds, increase the vacuum again. This technique enhances the capacity of erectile tissue chambers (bigger penis) and improves blood circulation.

Stroke Movements

A simple and well-known way of moving like masturbation. First, increase the vacuum inside the cylinder, and as soon as the penis adjusts to the vacuum, start moving up and down. The cycle usually lasts 5 minutes. This trains your blood circulation.

How to Use the Pump

Put on a cock ring and apply a lube to prevent pain, irritation and redness caused by rubbing the penis against the inner wall of the cylinder.

Insert the penis through the sleeve into the cylinder and then gradually increase the vacuum inside with a pump. This way you get the blood into the penis and increase the capacity of the erectile tissue.

Observe the pressure inside the cylinder. Be careful not to exceed any limits specified by the manufacturer. Also, listen to the needs of your body.

Release the vacuum in the cylinder so that oxygenated blood can flow into the penis. Repeat every 10 minutes.

After removing the pump, the erection will last, so you will be able to indulge in great and undisturbed sex.

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