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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ordering and Payment

  • Can I order without registering?

  • What are the benefits if I shop as a registered customer?

  • I have a discount coupon. How do I apply it to my order?

  • Where can I get a discount coupon?

  • Do I receive the goods discreetly packed?

  • I want to pay by card online, is it safe?

  • If I pay by card, how will the payment be shown on the bank statement?

  • I don’t want the parcel to be delivered to my home, can I pick it up discreetly somewhere?

Returns and Exchanges

  • Can I return an item?

  • What product guarantee do you offer?

  • How do I return or claim the goods?

Using the Website

  • Why do I see 18+ instead of some product photos?

  • How can I write a review of a purchased product?

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